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New England Classic Homes is a real estate agency founded by real estate attorney/broker,
James Ermini, and Annette Ermini, a licensed real estate agent and award-winning marketing communications professional.  Together, they offer a unique combination in real estate -- 

a full suite of real estate services -- all under one roof.

The agency specializes in selling and buying residential homes

as well as investment, business, commercial, and industrial properties. 

Selling a Home, Business, or Commercial Property

New England Classic Homes represents your property in its best possible light with professional marketing services and a broad spectrum of leading real estate resources. We also guide you through the legal intricacies and tax implications to make an informed and successful sale, as well as negotiate on your behalf to obtain the greatest return on your investment.

Buying a Home for Living or Flipping

Our agency provides seasoned guidance from home selection, to price negotiation, competitive-rate financing terms, contract review, closing preparation and representation, to title research and insurance, all to ensure a clean closing with no surprises.
Buying a Rental Property

Our team can do all of the above plus the due diligence required to be a successful and compliant landlord in Massachusetts.
Buying a Commercial or Industrial Property

Our network includes environmental consultants and review the DEP brownfield designations. 

We also provide expertise regarding local zoning, codes, and regulations, incorporating all that’s required to be an informed and compliant owner.

Our services include:

  • Real estate brokerage for sellers and buyers
  • Award-winning marketing, design, and presentation of your promotional pieces
  • Design, staging, and renovation guidance for your real estate
  • Competitive market analysis and statistical sampling for price determination
  • Artificial intelligence/pattern matching of prospective buyers utilizing big data
  • MLS and commercial site listings to reach the largest audience possible
  • Legal counsel, contract preparation, and review from initial offer through final sale
  • Closing preparation/drafting of legal documents and representation
  • Investment and tax advice to maximize your return
  • Estate liquidation/settlements, probate filings, and coordination
  • Network of financial services and finance options to optimize your transaction
  • Municipal zoning compliance and coordination with local boards​
  • Survey and title research, as well as title clearing and insurance
  • Florida relocation/vacation home specialist

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