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Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

I truly believe every day should be Earth Day . . . there are so many ways we can help the environment through our daily actions.

You can hear about some easy tips with my recent interview on Barbara and You, where I talk about my forthcoming book, Live Green, Save Big! 

Learn how you can save the Earth and your pocketbook with simple, easy steps.

The book outlines how we restored an antique New England home and brought it to life in the 21st century, with beauty, fuel-efficiency, and warmth. I share many tips where you can save big, too . . .

I share many tips where you can save big, too . . .

Many thanks to Barbara Foster, Fitchburg Access Television, the Central Massachusetts Writers Group, and -- of course -- my beloved husband, Jim.

Live Green, Save Big! is sponsored in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Petersham, Athol, Orange, and New Salem Cultural Councils.

Let us know your thoughts and if you found this helpful!

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