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The Trustees and Petersham — Where Wonder Happens!

Petersham is graced with many forests, fields, and sweeping vistas. Approximately 80% of the town is conserved, creating its beautiful, peaceful, and scenic character.

The Trustees of Reservations own three properties in Petersham, all of which are available for public use and enjoyment, free of charge. Their passion is to share irreplaceable natural and cultural treasures with everyone.

The Trustees properties provide many opportunities for outdoor recreation including hiking, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, sledding, horseback riding, bird-watching, nature observation, and wildflower study. It also is a wonderful place to picnic or fly kites with friends and family.

It is not uncommon to see rainbows after a storm or fireflies on a summer night in the North Common Meadow, located in the center of Petersham. Bobolinks nest here from May-June and you just might hear hooting of owls, too!

The Trustees motto, “Where Wonder Happens,” aptly describes their preserved properties with quintessential New England charm. Be sure to visit the properties below where you can experience the magic and wonder of nature today.

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